Useful snippet: getting the top left of the minimap in screen coordinates

SetScriptGfxAlign(string.byte('L'), string.byte('B'))
local minimapTopX, minimapTopY = GetScriptGfxPosition(-0.0045, 0.002 + (-0.188888))

local w, h = GetActiveScreenResolution()

return { w * minimapTopX, h * minimapTopY }

This could be useful if you want to align things to NUI or other screen-space draws, and works on pretty much any aspect ratio. The magic numbers here are the minimap position from common:/data/ui/frontend.xml, as seen below:

<data name="minimap"           alignX="L"	alignY="B"	posX="-0.0045"		posY="0.002"		sizeX="0.150"		sizeY="0.188888" /> <!-- WARNING! Feed MUST match posX and PosY -->

This will likely also work for aligning to other positions, assuming you set the right sizes.